The strength of our company is the satisfaction of our customers

We can count on a volume of recurring customers, satisfied with our products and our services, order after order.

The strength of our company is the satisfaction of our customers

Labels for beer cans and bottles
Brasseurs sur Demande, Québec

When we founded Brasseurs sur demande in 2016, PDF Labels was already well established in the brewing industry. The first interactions with the team were very pleasant and productive, and the first test samples exceeded our expectations in terms of quality.

A few years later, when we moved from bottles to cans for the majority of our products, the PDF Labels team was a precious ally who helped us achieve a high-quality final product.


Because of the on-demand nature of our business, flexibility is a key asset when it comes to our business partners. The PDF Labels team has demonstrated how flexible they are time and time again, responding to our requests within very short timeframes.


To anyone looking for a label printing service, we recommend PDF Labels. They’re a great team, both friendly and highly competent. Thanks to you!

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Labels for food supplements
Canadian Premier Supplements, Windsor Ontario

For our printing projects, we choose PDF Labels again and again because this company offers us the best customer service! The team responds very quickly to our requests, always keeps us up to date on the progress of our projects, and offers us better prices than the printers in our region.


PDF Labels is extremely knowledgeable and reliable. I trust their expertise to ensure my projects are printed to my satisfaction and I am very impressed with their efficiency when I’m in a pinch. PDF Labels have saved us on multiple occasions when we needed a rush.

We do not experience issues using their labels on our labeling machines. The cut, colour, and clarity is top tier!


There is no other label printer I would rather work with than PDF Labels. They are reliable and I trust the quality of their labels. They truly care about the integrity of their labels. It’s very easy to place an order and communicate ideas for new projects.


I’m sure other businesses would have a just as pleasant experience as I do.

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Labels on 750 ml gin bottles
Distillerie Euclide, Victoriaville

The quality of our relationship with the team, the support, the quality of the products, the consistency, the quick turnaround time, and the competitive prices are all reasons why we chose PDF Labels for our printing projects.

The team gave us incredible advice and support. Production time was very short, and an in-person delivery was arranged to explain how to use the labels correctly. The process and service for subsequent orders was equally fast and of high quality.


We strongly recommend PDF Labels for its printing services.

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Wine labels
Vignoble de Pomone, Coteau-du-Lac

We chose PDF Labels for their outstanding customer service. Expertise, improvement recommendations, turnaround times, product quality… they deliver on all counts!

The team is exceptional, committed to meeting our needs and advising us on how to improve our brand image with the best solutions on the market. They’re always available to suggest new things. PDF Labels has significant printing expertise.


We definitely recommend PDF Labels, having already done so with other wineries.

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